6. Back In The Day…

Discovered October 2017…

Ray Slater’s a man of many talents, not the least of which is his ability to collect a series of wonderful photos of Dorking players going back to, ooh, about the mid 19th century.

Here is his latest selection. If you can add names, places and dates please let Ray know or copy the image and comment on the Derelicts Reports Facebook pageclick here

Including a young Big Merv, Jonah, Burty, Veness, Birdsall and Peter Moore.


A very young Maguire.
A very young Gazza Macguire


Cliff. Gaz and Eve
Cliffy, Gazza, Handy Andy
colin skinner
Yes, it’s Colin Skinner

Dennis Downes.Dave Macdonald StickMasters Matt Faulkener WingnutRugby Archive2 002

Eamon Downes and Levy
Mick Levey on right I think
Harbour Lights Pub Guernsey
Harbour Lights Guernsey: Skip, Glenn, Spreckers, Wolfie, Gazza, Jonah, Ginge and Bushey
Henley on Arden..
Our lot sitting in a flower bed by the look of things

john charman

Ding dong: It’s Jonah
Oh La La
When in France: Claire Wait and DC
Pretty in Pink 001
Other faces among the rabble include Broomy, Roger, SatNav, Greedy and The whistle-happy old toad himself Colin Sanderman
Mr Abacab Ed Murphy among this group

Ross Ridell

Rugby Archive 3 001
From left: Chancy, Roger Parkin, Sponge…

Rugby Archive2 001

Smooth Mr Biggs
It’s Biggsy looking suprisingly dapper the morning after

So Cool TourSomewhere in Devon