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What On Earth Are We Doing Here?

The Derelicts Reports evolved over several glorious seasons of veterans rugby. Each of the 30-odd reports is, much like the games themselves, an end in itself rather than a progression… although there is something of an inevitability about the way the Dark Days of season two ends. There are also some extra musings on tours and trips plus a few pictures of those involved. If you have other photos from the … Continue reading What On Earth Are We Doing Here?

On the road with the Alickadoos

With Kinger and Birdsworth missing in action, one in Toulon, the other in Redhill, veteran reporter ‘Lunchtime O’ Booze’ comes out of retirement for this week’s report. Good to see that all that internet editing malarky hasn’t blunted the quill. Now read on……… Dings 19 Dorking 1st XV 32 The bickering among the most senior members of the club started before we’d even set off.   Asbo Kane arrived … Continue reading On the road with the Alickadoos