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What On Earth Are We Doing Here?

The Derelicts Reports evolved over several glorious seasons of veterans rugby. Each of the 30-odd reports is, much like the games themselves, an end in itself rather than a progression… although there is something of an inevitability about the way the Dark Days of season two ends. There are also some extra musings on tours and trips plus a few pictures of those involved. If you have other photos from the … Continue reading What On Earth Are We Doing Here?

A Deluded Sweaty Man Writes

Having slowed somewhat since his twenties, the former county schoolboy full back – yes, that’s right – offered his services to the Derelicts as a centre only to be shoved into action as a prop with indecent haste, from where his delusions grew and his observations of the games became rather obscure. During an “illustrious” career, Mozza played his youth rugby at Sutton & Epsom … Continue reading A Deluded Sweaty Man Writes